David M. Wood
Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics

David WoodMy background is in conventional theoretical solid state physics, including metals physics and the optical properties of matter. While I dabbled as a postdoc in the theory of liquid metals and in granular superconductivity, the eight years I spent at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory kindled a continuing interest in the theory of semiconductors (Si, GaAs, and their colleagues). This field is especially rewarding for me because, despite the computational sophistication of some of the theoretical tools, simple physical pictures remain useful in understanding the properties of new semiconductors.

I continue to be interested in new ternary semiconductors The emphasis is on presenting results for particular materials as pictorially as possible and on identifying simple physical models which make the scope of a given calculation as broad as possible.


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  • PhD, Cornell University
  • BS, Princeton University

Research Areas

  • Computational condensed-matter physics
  • Semiconductor alloys
  • First-principles phonon calculations