Optics for Engineering

A Professional Graduate Certificate Program

A Professional Graduate Certificate Program



The graduate certificate program in Optics for Engineering is targeted to train recent graduates or mid-career professionals with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, chemistry, materials science, electrical or mechanical engineering, or other related fields. The program will provide them with a basic knowledge of optics and lasers so they can apply it to the challenges and demands of advanced technologies that use optical systems. The interdisciplinary program offers students a number of electives to choose from and to tailor their education to their interest.



The certificate option consists of one core class, plus two additional electives, for a total of 9 credit hours. Only one course is allowed at the undergraduate level and all other courses must be at the 500 level or higher. PHGN461, Elements of Modern Optics, is considered a prerequisite for this certificate but is offered online in the summer, allowing students to easily fulfill this requirement.  Students who have taken the equivalent of PHGN461 at a different institution can request to have this prerequisite waived.

Required core: PHGN581 Laser Physics


PHGN570 Fourier and Physical Optics
PHGN566 Modern Optical Engineering
PHGN585 Nonlinear Optics
EENG528 Computational Electromagnetics
MEGN671 Radiation Heat Transfer
EENG507 Introduction to Computer Vision
EENG508 Advanced Topics in Perception and Computer Vision
EENG509 Sparse Signal Processing
EENG515 Mathematical Methods for Signals and Systems
GPGN570  Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing
Background preparatory course: PHGN461 Elements of Modern Optics (summer, online)

Application Info

For information on how to apply, please contact
Chip Durfee


Application Deadlines
January 2 and August 1 (domestic)

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