Frederic Sarazin
Professor, Department Head, Department of Physics

Frederic SarazinMy area of research is in subatomic physics, more precisely in nuclear and astroparticle physics. My research activity spans about 14 orders of magnitude in energy, from the MeV (1MeV=106eV) in low-energy nuclear physics to the hundreds of EeV (1EeV=1018eV) in cosmic-ray physics. In nuclear physics, my interest lies in a group of light nuclei far from stability called halo nuclei. These nuclei distinguish themselves by their large spatial extent arising from one or two very loosely-bound nucleons in low orbital momentum orbitals. This research is carried out at national and international accelerator facilities. I am also involved in a more applied project, which aims at developing a skin patch for radiotherapy using the nearby 1MW TRIGA reactor. At the very end of the energy spectrum, I am studying Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays as a member of two large collaborations: the Pierre Auger Observatory, located in Argentina and the Extreme Universe Space Observatory (JEM-EUSO), to be deployed on the International Space Station. To this day, no one knows where these cosmic-rays (the highest energy particles in the Universe!) come from. We do have some hints though! Please visit my personal website for more information on these exciting fields of research.


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  • PhD, GANIL
  • MS, PhD, University of Caen, France
  • Engineer, ISMRA/Ensi de Caen, France

Research Areas

  • Low-energy nuclear structure & nuclear astrophysics
  • Ultra high-energy cosmic-ray physics