Kyle G. Leach
Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Kyle LeachThe development of the Standard Model has been one of the crowning achievements in modern physics, and is the cornerstone of current subatomic studies. Despite its success, the Standard Model is known to be incomplete, and providing limits on possible physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) is crucial to our understanding of the physical universe. Although they are generally complex, unstable nuclear systems provide some of the best venues for these studies through the use of precision decay measurements using novel experimental techniques. These studies are extensive, and include probing CKM unitarity, searching for lepton number violations from neutrinoless double beta decay, and understanding the role neutrinos play in BSM physics using superconducting quantum sensors. My past, present, and future research goals aim to solve some of the major underlying questions that remain in our understanding of the subatomic world.


PhD, University of Guelph, Canada

Research Areas

  • Nuclear structure studies relevant to tests of the Standard Model
  • Radioactive decay of highly charged exotic ions
  • Technical development of radiation detection techniques in nuclear physics
  • Neutrino physics with large-volume detectors and superconducting quantum sensors