Student Learning Outcomes

Physics field sessionEach BS Engineering Physics graduate will have:

  • an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering;
  • an ability to design and conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret data;
  • an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability;
  • an ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams;
  • an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems;
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility;
  • an ability to communicate effectively;
  • the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context;
  • a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning;
  • a knowledge of contemporary issues;
  • an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

Physics Program Educational Objectives

The BS Engineering Physics program prepares graduates who, based on factual knowledge and other skills necessary to construct an appropriate understanding of physical phenomena in applied contexts, will:

  • obtain a range of positions in industry or positions in government facilities or pursue graduate education in engineering, science, or related fields;
  • communicate and perform effectively within the criteria of their chosen careers;
  • engage in appropriate professional societies and continuing education activities;
  • participate ethically as professional members of the global society.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Freshman Year, Fall Semester

Course No. Title Hours
MATH 111 Calculus for Scientists and Engineers I 4
CHGN 121 Chemistry I 4
LAIS 100 Nature and Human Values 4
GEGN 101 or
CBEN 110 or
CSCI 101
Earth and Environment or
Fundamentals of Biology or
Introduction to Computer Science
CSM 101 Success Seminar 0.5
PAGN 101 Physical Education 0.5

Freshman Year, Spring Semester

Course No. Title Hours
MATH 112 Calculus II 4
CHGN 122 or CHGN125 Principles of Chemistry II (CHGN 122) or Molec. Eng. and Mat. Chem. (CHGN125) 4
PHGN 100 Physics I Mechan. 4.5
EPIC 151 Design I 3
PAGN 102 Physical Education 0.5

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester

Course No. Title Hours
MATH 213 Calculus III 4
PHGN 200 Physics II E&M 4.5
EPIC 269 EPICS II Engineering Physics 3
LAIS 200 Human Systems 3
PAGN 20X Physical Education .5

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester

Course No. Title Hours
MATH 225/235 Differential Equations 3
MATH 332/342 Linear Algebra 3
PHGN 215 Analog Circuits 4
PHGN 300/310** Mod. Physics 3
CSCI 250 Python Based Computing 3
PAGN 20X Physical Education 0.5
TOTAL 16.5

Summer Field Session

PHGN 384 Summer Field Session 6

Junior Year, Fall Semester

Course No. Title Hours
PHGN 311 Intro to Math Physics 3
PHGN 315 Advanced Lab I 2
PHGN 317 Digital Circuits 3
PHGN 350 Interm, Mechanics 4
HASS Elective 3

Junior Year, Spring Semester

Course No. Title Hours
PHGN 320 Modern Physics II 4
PHGN 326 Advanced Lab II 2
PHGN 341 Thermal Physics 3
 PHGN 361 Intermediate E&M 3
 EBGN 201 Principles of Economics 3

Senior Year, Fall Semester

Course No. Title Hours
PHGN 471 Senior Design Principles .5
PHGN 481 Senior Design Practice 2.5
PHGN 462 EM Waves / Optic. PH 3
HASS Elective II 3
Free Elective I 3
Free Elective II 3

Senior Year, Spring Semester

Course No. Title Hours
PHGN 472 Senior Design Principles .5
PHGN 482 Senior Design Practice 2.5
Engineering Topics Elective 3
HASS Elective III 3
Free Elective III 3
Free Elective IV 3

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Combined BS/MS Programs

BS Engineering Physics / MS Applied Math and Statistics
BS Engineering Physics / MS Physics
BS Engineering Physics / MS Electrical Engineering, Energy Systems Power Electronics
BS Engineering Physics / MS Electrical Engineering, Information and Systems Sciences
BS Engineering Physics / MS Materials Science
BS Engineering Physics / MS Mechanical Engineering
BS Engineering Physics / MS Nuclear Engineering