Zeev Shayer

Research Professor, Department of Physics

My present research projects includes development of fission nuclear battery based on gas cooled reactor technology for space and terrestrial applications. The proposed compact battery designs could be made in factories and transported to sites by truck or rail. Our proposed design would be ready to “plug and play” upon arrival to the site. We are also investigating advanced nuclear fuel cycle alternatives for improving fuel utilization, proliferation resistance and nuclear waste volume reduction. Some of our advanced concepts could potentially burn used fuel or nuclear waste, eliminating the plutonium and actinides. Other related research projects are improving the long term storage of used nuclear fuel, and better understanding of fission product transport mechanism. In our effort to reduce the cost associated with handling radioactive isotopes. We are developing a low cost shielding material for safe handling and transportation of radioactive materials and nuclear waste to ensure worker and public safety. We are also supporting the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at LLNL for developing the diagnostic systems for fusion energy ignition system, and supporting the developing of computational system for plasma physics, particles, heat transport and material performance under harsh environment in fusion and fission systems.


CoorsTek 228


  • PhD, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Research Areas

  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Computational methods in physics
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Heat transfer and hydrodynamics