Lakshmi Krishna
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Lakshmi KrishnaMy research focus is on inorganic clathrates for renewable energy applications. Inorganic clathrates are inclusion compounds based on the covalently bound frameworks surrounding ‘guest’ atoms. I’m working on synthetic routes to control phase selection, composition and form factor (bulk, thin film) in group IV inorganic clathrates. Much of the interest in the inorganic clathrates has been concerning the superconducting and thermoelectric properties of these materials. In thermoelectrics, the clathrates are particularly well known for the unusual ‘rattling’ phonon modes associated with the guest species. In contrast, the optoelectronic properties of clathrates remain largely unexplored. This is surprising, as the host-guest structure provides opportunities for unique optoelectronic properties. The research areas I’ve worked on in the past include thermoelectric materials (Pb based chalcogenides), materials for solid oxide fuel cells (Gd-doped CeO2), ferroelectric materials (PMN-PT), and magnetostrictive materials (FeGa).


CoorsTek 220

Labs and Research Centers

Mines/NREL Nexus


  • PhD, Michigan Technological University

Research Areas

  • Electronic materials-Synthesis and Characterization
  • Fundamental relationship between structure of materials and their optical and electronic properties

Professional Activities

  • Director of Undergraduate Research at Mines
  • Councilor in Physics and Astronomy
  • Council on Undergraduate Research (2018-2021)