Bethany Wilcox - Department of Physics - Colorado School of Mines

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Bethany R. Wilcox


Bethany R. Wilcox

Timberline #1 Trailer, Room 11


  • BS, MS, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder

Wilcox's thesis research was in the field of physics education, with a specific focus on student learning in upper-division undergraduate physics courses. During her graduate career, she studied students’ use of sophisticated mathematical tools during physics problem-solving in order to better understand the challenges that students encounter in this process. She also developed and demonstrated the statistical validity of a multiple-response conceptual assessment designed to measure students’ reasoning around topics in upper-division electrostatics.

After completing her PhD, Wilcox accepted a postdoctoral position, during which she was responsible for the statistical validation of another research-based assessment targeting students' views on the nature of experimental physics. Wilcox is also a strong advocate for working to make physics a discipline that explicitly supports and encourages the participation of historically underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities.

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