Research Centers - Department of Physics - Colorado School of Mines

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Research Centers

The following research centers are affiliated with the Department of Physics at Mines.

Golden Energy Computing Organization

The Golden Energy Computing Organization was founded to be a focal point of Energy research using high-performance computing at Mines. GECO is a recognition that energy research has been the primary cycle consumer of HPC on campus.

Microintegrated Optics for Advanced Bioimaging and Control

MOABC focuses on the integration of optical technology into microscopic and microfluidic systems, a need supported by unique facilities and capabilities that serve as the foundation of a very useful community resource.

Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

REMRSEC's research mission is identifying, launching, and advancing innovative research directions in renewable energy materials science, meeting its human resource mission of educating the next generation of renewable energy professionals, creating outreach programs to inform the public about the potential of renewable energy, and promoting diversity among faculty, research associates, staff, students, and future students.


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