Jeramy Zimmerman - Department of Physics - Colorado School of Mines

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Jeramy Zimmerman


Jeramy Zimmerman

Timberline #1 Trailer, Room 2
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  • BS, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • PhD, Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara

Awards and Honors

  • NSF IGERT Fellow (UCSB)

Research Interests

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Semiconductor interfaces
  • Small molecule organic electronics

My primary interest is in materials for various photovoltaic systems. I am currently concentrating on small-molecule organic photovoltaics, specifically on understanding properties of heterointerfaces. My research aims to understand the interplay between structure and electronic processes occurring at these interfaces, as well as apply our findings to devices and provide guidelines for designs of new molecules for improved functionality.

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