Academic Faculty - Department of Physics - Colorado School of Mines

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Academic Faculty

Teaching Associate Professor Kristine Callan

Callan, Kristine
Teaching Associate Professor
T2 22 303-273-3029

Professor Lincoln Carr

Carr, Lincoln
T2 16 303-273-3759

Professor Reuben Collins

Collins, Reuben
T1 5 303-273-3851

Associate Professor Charles (Chip) Durfee

Durfee, Charles (Chip)
T1 15 303-273-3894

Teaching Professor Alex Flournoy

Flournoy, Alex
Teaching Professor
T2 14 303-273-3712

Professor Uwe Greife

Greife, Uwe
P 4 303-273-3618

Teaching Professor Patrick Kohl

Kohl, Patrick
Teaching Professor
CTLM 224 303-384-2303

Professor Frank Kowalski

Kowalski, Frank
T2 4 303-273-3845

Teaching Professor Hsia-Po (Vince) Kuo

Kuo, Hsia-Po (Vince)
Teaching Professor
CTLM 228 303-273-3764

Kyle Leach

Leach, Kyle
Assistant Professor
T1 1 303-273-3044

Professor Mark Lusk

Lusk, Mark
P 6 303-273-3675

Associate Professor Tim Ohno

Ohno, Tim
Associate Professor
T1 8 303-273-3847

Teaching Professor Todd Ruskell

Ruskell, Todd
Teaching Professor
P 18 303-384-2080

Associate Professor Frederic Sarazin

Sarazin, Frederic
T2 10 303-273-3283

Assistant Professor Susanta Sarkar

Sarkar, Susanta
Assistant Professor
T1 18 303-273-3657

Professor John Scales

Scales, John
T2 18 303-273-3850

Meenakshi Singh

Singh, Meenakshi
Assistant Professor
T1 7 303-273-3844

Professor Jeff Squier

Squier, Jeff
Professor and Department Head
P 16 303-384-2385

Teaching Professor Charles (Chuck) Stone

Stone, Charles (Chuck)
Teaching Professor
T2 2 303-273-3762

Professor P. Craig Taylor

Taylor, P. Craig
HH 319 303-273-3586

Assistant Professor Eric Toberer

Toberer, Eric
Assistant Professor
P 14 303-273-3171

Associate Professor Lawrence Wiencke

Wiencke, Lawrence
T2 12 303-384-2234

Bethany Wilcox

Wilcox, Bethany
Teaching Assistant Professor
T1 11 303-384-2534

Associate Professor David Wood

Wood, David
Associate Professor
T1 13 303-273-3853

Teaching Professor Matt Young

Young, Matt
Teaching Professor
P 1 303-273-3862

Assistant Professor Jeramy Zimmerman

Zimmerman, Jeramy
Assistant Professor
T1 2 303-273-3708

Physics Department offices have moved to the trailers in the northwest corner of campus pending completion of the CoorsTek Center in place of Meyer Hall. T1: Timberline #1 Trailer; T2: Timberline #2 Trailer; P: Pines Trailer.

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