Frank Kowalski


Frank Kowalski

Timberline #2 Trailer, Room 4


  • BS, University of Puget Sound
  • PhD, Stanford University

Awards and Honors

  • NSF Career Award
  • HP Catalyst Academy Fellow

Research Interests

  • Laser physics
  • Applications of lasers to precision measurements
  • Quantum correlation and interferometry
  • Real-time formative assessment

One of my research interests is in using technology to improve learning, particularly by gathering real-time formative assessment in class using digital ink with tablet computers. Students use a web page to submit responses to open format questions posed by the instructor that are then viewed on the instructor.s web page. Correlated interference for a particle reflecting from a mirror has also been an interest of mine, particularly in using such systems to study macroscopic quantum effects. Understanding frequency shifted feedback lasers and applying their output in metrology has been an ongoing area of interest.

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